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 STEVEN RINEHART | Internet Attorney | Website Attorney | UDRP Attorney | Domain Name Dispute Lawyer
Website and Internet Attorney
Steven Rinehart is a registered patent attorney who began his legal career practicing before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Virginia.  His practice evolved to focus almost entirely on domain name disputes, Internet law, and trademark litigation.  Steve has handled hundreds of domain name disputes, including UDRP disputes before both WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization) and the NAF (National Arbitration Forum), ACPA disputes (Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act) before federal courts across the US, and contract disputes for the sale of domain names.  If you are a trademark owner or domainer involved is a dispute over rights to the registration of a gTLD or ccTLD (meaning a top-level domain such as '.com', '.info', '.org' or a country code domain such as '.ca' or ''), Steve can help you protect your intellectual property rights no matter where in the world you reside.  Steve attempts to provide all of his clients with cost-effective, expedious representation. 
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 Brigham Young University (BYU):            2000 Bucking Small Claims Courts, UTAH BAR J. 32, 33–34 (Sep. 4, 2010) (quoted by the Supreme Court in Allen v. Moyer, 2011 UT 44).;;
 English / Computer Science;

Chinese Intellectual Property Chaos - November 2010;;
 University of Utah:                                      2003;
 College of Law REPORTED DECISIONS;;;;
 FAA Flight Education:                                 2004 Robertson Marine v. I4 Solutions, Case No. 20080962-CA,; 
 Private Pilot Filed January 22, 2010, 2010 UT App 9 (represented Apellant;;

in seeking review of trial court's non-award of attorney fees to;

prevailing party/client). Audio of oral argument: HERE;;;;;;;;;;